Children and the Social Media

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Even as technology advances, smart phones and many mobile electronic devices are available quite easily and cheaply. This allows even children, people under the age of seventeen to get access to these gadgets and ultimately to social networking sites. Many of these sites require that for one to join, they must be at least eighteen years of age. This requirement is further cemented by the idea that to register a line or SIM card, one may need an identity card. However, despite all these requirements more and more children are joining social media. Some are joining it through their parents’ names while others just join for instance Facebook and Instagram which do not need any Identification. By joining social media, children may be exposed to a lot of information and things which they may not be ready for. Is there a way we can keep our children’s interactions on social media safe and beneficial to them?

A parent should counsel and take time to talk to the children before allowing them to join social media. Some children will join social media with zest only to be disappointed with the reality they meet. Some even become easy target of marauding internet gangs out to harass and bully susceptible youth. Once a child is counseled by a parent, he will know what to expect and knowledge is a great way of gaining power. A child will make decisions that are informed and once the trust with the parent is established at the beginning of the social media experience, he would always get back to the parents should there be need.

There should be some laid down rules and regulations agreed upon by the parents and the children on the social media use. If left on their own, social media can really be disruptive to a child in many ways. The child may end up wasting valuable time and even change their behavior as influenced by the virtual friends they interact with. The set rules will help the parents set the child on the ground as regards the internet use and this will always be a point of reference should there be need of action based on use or misuse of the gadgets and social media interactions.

Parents should device ways of monitoring the social media activities of their children. This may be a bit tricky, as the children with time may not feel very comfortable with this monitoring. They may device ways of evading the monitoring points so that they may satisfy their curiosity. This is where the social media interaction for the children starts getting dangerous. When a parent is in the dark on what their children are up to, the end result will always be unpleasantly surprising. With the rising cases of internet bullying and other misdemeanors, children are even more susceptible and should they be allowed to join social media, then the parents should be able to control some interactions. One can use technology for instance some mobile device monitoring applications like Autoforward. One will know where the user has been online, what texts or photos have been exchanged and basically what a user is exposing himself to on social media. Another way of monitoring which needs a lot of expertise and even training is monitoring the behavior of the child with continued social media interaction. This may be the best way to monitor but a child may act the part and only reveal the reality when he or she is beyond help.

The social media can do good to a child but one has to be sure that the child is safe while interacting. Even so, should one not be sure of how to make the child have a meaningful interaction on social media, it is better the child wait untill he or she is of age.

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Great Electronic Gift Ideas Under $100

Great Electronic Gift Ideas Under $100.jpg

There are so many electronic gadgets out there these days that many people aren’t sure what to buy each other anymore. Whether they’re buying a gift for themselves or for someone else, it seems like there’s hardly anything out there that’s affordable anymore. The good news is that there are lots of great gadgets that most people have just never heard of. Starting with useful things like portable speakers, and even things like unique fitness trackers, there’s always something out there that can make a great purchase.

Amazon is one of the best places to find electronics, though there are obviously other local stores that still great things. When it comes to finding great gifts online, Amazon is never a bad place to start. Today we took the trouble to assemble a few great gift ideas that can be found and purchased by those on a budget. Maybe they’re for someone special, or maybe you’re just in the mood to buy yourself something. Either way, these are going to be some of the best to buy as 2017 gets kicked off.

Electronic Gift Ideas

MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker

There are tons of different fitness tech options out there for those that are active and love wearable tech. Many people run a lot and like to have wearable tech on them to be able to easily monitor their progress. One great new piece of wearable tech available on Amazon is the MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker. There is also an audio coach that accompanies the band, that’s encouraging and coaching the wearer to improve during their workout. Some of the amazing features of this fitness band include it having a 6-month battery and it’s also waterproof!

Triby Portable Smart Speaker

Most people may think that the Echo and the Echo Dot are the only speakers out there that are able to run Amazon Alexa. But this speaker from Triby does as well, and it’s also available on Amazon. It’s a small portable speaker that has internet radio and a bunch of other features. The owner can use Amazon Alexa to play music or answer questions just like on the Echo and the Echo Dot. They can even share doodles on the screen from their smartphone, which can be paired up to 15 feet away.

AGPtEK CD Player

Though the CD player seems to have gone out of style, there are still a lot of people that have a CD collection and enjoying listening to the ol’ discs. This device is a CD player that’s able to play a CD and transmit the sound via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It’s also designed with TF and a USB jack so that it’s able to support external headphones.


There are lots of people out there that have the standard-issue headphones from Apple that continue to be frustrated with how the headphones keep getting tangled up. That’s definitely the biggest downside to those little white headphones that everyone has. IF you know of someone that’s getting tired of having their headphones tangle up on them, it could be a good idea to go ahead and get them a pair something that specializes in “earbud cable management.” These are available on Amazon and is arguably the most useful gadget that most people don’t have.

When looking for something you’re going to buy yourself or for something that you want to buy for a friend, it pays to have done a little research. Just surfing the web or going to a local Best Buy isn’t going to do the trick. Any of the electronics on this list would make a great gift for someone that is on your list in 2017.

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Sony A7 vs. the A7S

Many camera lovers, whether they prefer to shoot photography or videos, have gotten excited about the A7 series from Sony. These powerful mirror less cameras offer a bunch of advantages over many other camera models. They have highly competitive ISO, great video quality, and are reasonably priced for the impressive features that they offer. The question many camera aficionados are facing is what the better option for them is between the A7 and the A7S.

The good news is that there is a solution, an answer to their question. There are several big differences between the two cameras. Price is the most obvious, with the A7S costing twice as much as the original A7. One interesting advantage of the original A7, however, is that it has twice as many pixels (24.2 vs. 12.2) as the A7S. And these are just a few of the biggest differences between the two cameras.

           Rating the A7 versus the A7S


As noted in the introduction, the biggest advantage of the A7 over the A7S is that it costs half as much. The A7 can be purchased on Amazon for around $1,000, while the A7S is on Amazon as well, costing a hefty chunk of change around $2200. The original A7 model is going to help those who are wanting to also spend on other accessories that they need for their photography, especially if they prefer the higher number of mega-pixels.


Another category where the original A7 wins out is the number of pixels it shoots with. The A7 shoots with 24.3MP with its full frame CMOS sensor, giving the user the ability to take hi-res photos from their device. The A7S still has a decent MP level, but with only 12.2 it’s significantly less than the other model.


While the A7S is capable of producing 4K Video, it needs an external recorder to capture it. Still, many of the reviewers, especially on Amazon, have raved about the video quality of this camera, noting that to achieve a similar quality videographers have to spend much more.

No Touch Screen

One thing that the two cameras can agree on is that there is no touch screen to make interacting with them easier. Those that are used to photography and videography on their iPhone may be disappointed, but this may not do much to deter professional photographers that are used to having to push buttons to interact with their camera.


The ISO is impressive on each of these cameras. The A7S comes out ahead in this category, with an ISO reaching up to 102,400 as well as an extended ISO up to 409600. The ISO on the original A7 is also competitive, though not as impressive with options from 100-25,600 and an extended range up to 51,200. However, each of these cameras have an ISO that enables them to take high-quality photos and videos in lowlight settings.

Battery Life

The A7S has a slight advantage in the realm of battery life as well. The A7S is capable of shooting 380 shots on a single charge, which makes it great for those that are out on a shoot or are working shooting videography somewhere. The A7 has a respectable battery life as well, with 340 shots on a charge, but the A7S has the edge in this category.

The interesting thing about these two models is that there isn’t a clear winner. The A7S is more expensive but has much better ISO, but the A7 still comes out on top in the area of mega-pixels it shoots with. The potential customer will have to go with their gut when purchasing a new Sony A7-series camera.

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Practical Tips for Keeping Children and Credit Card Info Safe on iOS Apple Devices

Children using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad can have an amazing experience with technology, but they and your personal information could be at risk without proper precautions being taken. Apple provides parental controls via restrictions on their devices to help protect privacy of you and your child. It offers protection from explicit content as well as protection for credit card information you may have on file for in-app purchases.  Nevertheless, it should only take a few seconds to activate protective measures to keep you and your family safe when using iOS.


Enable Restrictions


The iOS device of choice (either the iPad or iPhone) has a restriction feature under Settings.  Once here you will select General, go down and select Restrictions.  Select Enable Restrictions and input a passcode.  The passcode should be something you know only and not shared. Use a different passcode than what is used to lock the screen. You can access restrictions and apply additional measures to the device including choosing content allowed, game options, privacy and so on.

Limit Credit Card and App Access


The “Allow” section of the restriction controls lets parents detail what their child can access while using the device.  The child can have restricted access to things such as the Safari app and the camera via built-in features.  In-app purchases and the iTunes store are other restrictions you can place.  You will know what restrictions to place based on the age of your child.

Avoid Unnecessary Changes to Device


Children get curious from time to time and may make a change to their device without realizing it.  The “Allowed Changes” selection can help avoid changes occurring on the device that may affect how it works.  For example, you can prevent pass codes from being changed without your knowledge or limit the amount of data used for games.  You can also prevent the iTunes account from being tapped into.

Use Content Ratings to Keep Content Appropriate


Books, shows, movies and music can be controlled through the “Allowed Content” option.  Parents can restrict the type of content is accessed on the device when using the internet or forms of media.  Select which websites your child can access and limit content based on rating (if it’s considered adult content).  You can mention websites you don’t want your child to access (place a block on certain websites).

Gaming Options Can Be Limited


Kids love to play games on iOS and parents can make sure their gaming experience is safe via the “Game Center” selection of your device.  Parents can control which games are accessed including social access.  Friends can be added and multiplayer game access can be controlled.

Protect Privacy of Your Child


Many apps and games may detect location while in use.  Go to the “Privacy” section to make changes to how location is identified.  Apps can have limited or restricted access to location settings.  The microphone on the device can also have limitation in place along with social media apps to prevent location sharing.  The “Privacy” section can make accessing websites safer for children by preventing information related to location from being known.

Overall, this is a basic idea of how to protect your child and financial information when using an iOS device.  Get to know options available through the restrictions settings.  Have an idea of what your child may engage in while using the device to help set limits accordingly.  Be aware of websites and apps most used by your child and discuss with them ways to use their device safely.

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Top Electronics for Pet Owners

Everyone knows that having a pet isn’t easy. It takes a lot of care and maintenance to go into owning and taking care of a pet, so any extra help is always appreciated by a pet owner. Whether someone owns dogs, cats, or even a bird, there are electronics out there that can help make their life as a pet owner simpler and easier.

From robots that can to give pet owners an eye inside the home when they aren’t home, to a device with buttons that can teach a parrot to talk, there are lots of great electronics out there for the pet owner that is needing a little help. There are even vacuums designed for picking up hair off the floor. Whatever a pet owner’s needs are, there’s bound to be some devices that can accommodate them.

                                  Top Electronics for Pet Owners


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum


Bissell has manufactured a vacuum cleaner that’s especially designed for keeping floors free of the hair of cats and dogs. Every pet owner that owns one of these fluffy animals knows how frustrating it can be to own them. The ones that shed tend to leave fur everywhere. Thankfully, this vacuum is engineered specifically for homes with pets. It’s available for $240 from Furniture Mart.

FroliCat Pounce Automatic Cat Teaser


This little device is great at playing that game with the cat that no one ever seems to win: the one where you move your finger around and try not to let the cat grab it. This device is available for just $27 on Amazon, and is a great addition to the arsenal of any cat owner that wants to keep their cat happy.

Jungle Talk Pet Products BJN47010 Play Phone


This device works with birds to help them talk. This toy has four buttons that the bird can push, with interactive sentences like “I love you” and “calling all birds”. It’s great for the bird owner that’s wanting their bird to learn how to speak. Best of all, it’s going to keep their bird occupied for quite a while. It’s available for around $17 on Amazon.

SwiftStreamRobo Buddy


This robot is designed to be accessed from anywhere around the world, as long as there is a Wi-fi signal. The best part is that it’s only $50 from KMart. This robot is great for those that may have to leave their dog or cat at home for a day or two. It allows them to be able to roam their house as this little robot so that they can see what’s going on through its adjustable 720p HD video camera. The free app supports iOS and Android so that users can see the footage on their phone. It could also be used to make sure that the home is safe from burglaries.

Go-Go Dog Pals


Another robotic pet helper, this device is a robot designed to help a dog chase. It may not be able to play fetch, but it can play a great game of “catch me if you can” designed for every dog to chase around the block. Sometimes dogs just need to burn off a little steam, and this robot is the best way that they are going to be able to do that. The best part is that it’s available for just $230.

Any of these electronics is a great buy for the pet owner that is looking to make their life a little less complicated. The best way to do that is with a gadget that’s designed specifically with pet owners in mind.

Keeping Your Phone Safe

Electronics are virtually running our world. Our entertainment, social lives, business transactions, banking and even health are in a way attached to our electronic gadgets and, the mobile phone is specifically important. All the information about us can be easily accessed through our phones. This means that should we lose them, there is so much at stake. Our lives could very easily be brought to a standstill. We strive to keep our phones as safe as possible but, can we really keep them safe?

Keeping our phones safe takes various dimensions basing on the specific tasks we have entrusted them with. First, like other electronic gadgets with an operating system, our phones are prone to virus attacks. A malicious person can send a virus via the various social media platforms or mail. Once it is opened, the phone can be harmed and somewhat debilitated. Also, when one connects the phone to an infected computer or radio, the virus therein can be easily transferred to the phone. This viral attack may lead to loss of valuable data and even identity. To keep our data safe we should invest in an anti virus. There are a number of them including mc Afee, Microsoft, AVG, Kaspersky and Norton anti-virus among others. Most of them are free but even those that are not are very affordable. Your choice of anti-virus will be determined by the functions you want them to perform as well as the phone’s operating system. Once downloaded, they start work immediately the settings are adjusted.

Hacking is another fear that pervades phone users. This is where for whatever reason someone decides to and actually gets information and data from your phone or laptop. The security of the device is compromised and the hacker gets access to data and may even assume your identity. The cases where hidden and unpleasant photos of celebrities and secret mail from government bodies are made public are results of hacking. It is believed that the more an operating system gets popular and used by many the more susceptible it gets to hackers. The Turing, a military level encrypted Android operated phone is said to be almost impossible to hack. This may be true to some extent but with the consistent development in technology, no single operating system or device is totally safe. To avoid or reduce exposure to hacking, avoid suspicious mail. A hacker may easily get access to information that may lead him or her getting your passwords and assume your person through such mail. Learn to distinguish between genuine sites and offers and those that just ride on popular applications. Unless you trust the sites, don’t be quick to transact on them.

Losing your phone can also be a good reason to worry as someone can use your information to embarrass you or even steal from you. A good anti-virus will also offer you phone protection. Through the GPS tracking system they can pinpoint the exact position of the phone with great accuracy. Mc Afee for instance allows you to activate the alarm and make the phone sound an alarm from wherever it is. The phone can even be made to take remote photos and send them to preset emails for action. For the data, one is offered the option of erasing it from the stolen phone so that even the thief won’t access it. But it is even easier when you have the IMEI number of the phone. This unique number on the battery compartment of the phone can be used by the relevant authorities to track a stolen phone.

After all is said and done, we have to take precautions to avoid identity or device theft.

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Top Projected Electronics of 2017

2017 is bound to be a great year for the electronics industry. Apple is staying on top of its game with the release of the newest iPhones, and there may be another release towards the end of 2017 that’s going to garner the attention of consumers as well.

But it’s not just Apple that’s making a splash in the industry. Many of the electronics released in the latter quarter of 2016 are going to continue driving sales on into the New Year. From the Xbox One S to the PS4 Pro, and from the newest tablets and smartphones being released, 2017 is going to be a great year for the electronics industry.

Whether shoppers are finally coming around to getting their first 4K TV are upgrading their old Xbox 360 to the newer Xbox One S, finding the right electronics in 2017 is going to be a piece of cake. So what will the top electronics be in 2017?

The Best Electronics in 2017

iPhone 7 Plus

There may be a new iPhone coming out in the latter part of 2017, but this new iPhone is set to continue driving sales for Apple on into the New Year. There are lots of upgrades that went into the iPhone 7, especially the 7 Plus. The bigger model features a dual camera system on the rear, one of which has a telephoto lens with optical zoom for better quality photos from a distance. Each iPhone 7 is capable of shooting video in 4K, making it even better for those that are looking for a phone that can make their photo and video dreams come true.

But there were more changes to the iPhone 7 than just the camera quality. Apple removed the headphone jack, a controversial decision that should prove wise in the long run. The removal made the phone lighter and made space for the better camera as well. The home button also changed, and no longer pushes in but responds more like a touchscreen. Each of these changes makes the iPhone 7 desirable for consumers who are ready for something different than their current iPhone can offer.

Xbox One S

The newest console from Microsoft was released in the latter quarter of 2016 as well, and is set to continue selling to those who are new to the console. Many with the previous Xbox One may upgrade as well, seeking a lighter console that can be found in the “S” model. It also has a better controller and faster Wi-fi capability.

PS4 Pro

Sony, like Microsoft, released an upgrade to their next-gen console in 2016. Since it’s the latest console from Sony available on the market, consumers can expect to see it continue driving sales as well. It’s a great choice for those that prefer Sony’s PlayStation consoles over an Xbox.

Samsung UN88KS9810FXZA 88-Inch 2160p 4K LED TV

This 4K TV is not for someone on a tight budget. It’s running for about $20,000 on Newegg. But it’s the flagship TV from Samsung, an 88-inch behemoth of a 4K TV. It was released in 2016 and is one of the biggest 4K models out there. While it may be too expensive for many shoppers, it represents what will be driving television sales in 2017, the 4K TV. Many customers have seen the benefits of upgrading from a 1080p model, and once 4K television prices start dropping, they’re going to become even more popular.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple’s latest MacBook Air is set to stay popular as well. Many users have seen the price of the iPad Pro and realized that they can have a laptop for as much as the nicest tablets are going for. The MacBook Air is light (hence the name) and makes for a great computer for personal or professional use.

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Best Uses for Android and Smartphones


Android and smartphones are dominating the industry of electronics and information technology. These gadgets are perfect for academic projects and write ups, preparing business proposals and presentations, and now the medium of social media. With downloadable applications from the Play Store, all computer works are easily done in a smart phone. Handy, easy to use, and can be carried around with an ease are among the Android phone’s user-friendly features.

Every Family Member Needs an Android Phone

Why Android phone? For practical reason and affordability consideration an Android phone comes in varied specifications according to a user’s budget and use.

For Fathers and Business

A typical family depicts a picture where a father is the head of the family who works and provides for the family needs. As an employee or a businessman he needs a phone where he can contact his supervisor or his co-employees with regards to work related concerns. He also has to keep in touch with suppliers and business associates in terms of business related activities. Smartphone’s use is not only limited to communication and social media interaction, it also serves as your work partner with productivity applications that are downloadable.

For Mothers, Online Jobs and Parenting

Smartphone is a must have for working moms or stay at home moms. Through it you can download recipes for your family and find home caring tips from the internet. There are a lot of things a stay at home moms can do with an Android phone through Pinterest by featuring creative arts and crafts, photo sharing through Instagram, creating page for online business, and updating social media. It can also download educational applications for kids.

For Children and Academic Works

Children are allowed to use smartphones primarily to have contact with the family when they are not together. As academic requirements are important to have good grades the use of smartphones connected to an internet is a great help to students. It will lessen the burden of spending money and time in the internet cafe that often ends up visiting prohibited sites or playing online games. Owning a smartphone will allow student to research online even at home. Popularity of social media makes the teenagers active in posting and sharing in Facebook, and interacting in Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

When gadgets become a necessity than being part of wants, upon knowing the beneficial uses of smartphones and Android phones one can agree that it has become part of our everyday lives in today’s modern lifestyle.

Social Impacts of the Consumer Electronics

The society is the basic unity of the society.  Every society is made of individuals. The consumer electronic is being used every day by individuals and thus has made great advances and impacts on the particular individuals.  Talk about improved human relations and connection via the devices.  Individuals can easily connect to current and lost friends including family members through these devices.  Improve transportation with the introduction of automatic and self-driven cars that allows the driver to sit back and enjoy the ride.  The robots that can work around the house and help in simple tasks such as answering doors.  Talk about the refrigerators that has installed cameras that can captures whatever you are lacking in the fridges and send to you in your Smartphone in case you are not sure of what you are lacking in the house. Definitely there is no doubt that the consumer electronics has and is yet do more in the human social  lives.

Practically, when a particular individual uses the electronic devices to perform specific tasks the convenience and the pleasure that they give usually makes the human race attached to it.  They became integrated thus becoming part of daily activities.  Looking at the daily activities that are performed, we can attest to the fact that the electronic consumer performs a, major workload in every individual’s world, be it in the kitchen, office, or just when on the go.  Talk about the smart phones, self-drive cars, fridges, laptops among others.

The connection of human beings to the consumer electronics can be associated to the desire of the human race to experience pleasure and identity.  Human beings have become so much attached to the consumer electronics in such a way that it controls the activities that are done in a day.  The consumer electronics in general and the manner at which humans response to them are the main contributions that has birthed the effects that are faced today in all aspects including psychologically, practically, physically and financially.  Studies shows that the neurotransmitters in the brain that are vital for the ability to experience pleasure usually spreads throughout the brain and increases as humans responds to the stimulus that are offered by the electronic gadgets we store (computers, radios, televisions, video games and phones).

Above all the consumer electronics ensure connection with the family members thus distance has currently became just a noun with no effect in daily lives.  In addition, a GPS device will always be ready to show an individual direction and the location of a place, not forgetting the shortest way to get to a place.  Knowing what is going on in the world has also been made possible as the news is usually available at a click of a button.  In the gadgets and everywhere around.

Although the fact remains that the consumer electronics have improved the daily lives of the consumer and has became part of the human race, it still needs to be used with limitations.  This is because it has been proved that the consumer electrics tend to put the users dormant while his activities goes on as usual.  Meaning individuals are kept sedentary rather than active.  Studies show that those that are hooked and strongly attached to the consumer electronics such as computer and televisions have increased chances of obesity (University of Buffalo 2008). However, the general outcome has been that even other indoor consumer devices may affect positively has some inspires people to work both indoor and outdoor.  Talk about the GPS devices, the heart and pulse monitor and other gadgets that are designed to improve the health of an individual.