Safety During Graduation Parties

Graduation Parties

Graduation season is upon us once again which means a lot of graduation parties. Whether someone is graduating from college or high school, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. People everywhere are going to be going to graduation parties to celebrate someone they love or care about. It’s so important to be safe this summer while celebrating a new diploma. They could show off their excitement with a new Asus ROG Smartphone


graduation parties
Drink Responsibly When Celebrating

Whether you, a friend, or your son or daughter is the one graduating, there are plenty of things to consider when hosting or going to a graduation party. Safety should always be priority #1, and there are unfortunate dangers out there that we should all be aware of. Especially like doing an online background check on the driver before requesting an Uber. 

Staying Safe 

One of the most popular ways to advertise a party nowadays is over social media. This certainly makes the job easier, but it’s also a potential cause for disaster. Party hosts must be careful when they are broadcasting the party over social media. You never know whose bitter ex-boyfriend may be looking for an opportunity to make an appearance. When advertising a party over social media, it’s best to keep the settings on private.


The great thing about keeping the party private over social media is that only those who are invited are able to see the party. This enables the host to make the event “invitation-only.” Guests may be able to bring their significant other, but not their entire entourage. This is another step that people can take to make sure that their party is as safe as possible.


graduation parties
Drinking At A Party

The Use of Alcohol

One thing that many people would probably be looking forward to at a graduation party is the presence of alcohol. However, there are reasons why having alcohol at a party isn’t the best idea. There will surely be other students present, and unless they are all graduating from college they are most likely not all 21. This fact keeps these parties on the radar of the local police departments.

Designated Drivers

For those graduation parties where there is alcohol, it’s an absolutely necessity that designated drivers are put in place to help those who are drinking get home safely. Spending the night in jail is a terrible way to celebrate your graduation. Whether someone is graduating from university or high school, there are so many reasons to celebrate. But celebrating is difficult when a party is unsafe. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about what to do in San Francisco

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